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All models of handle vary slightly but the following principles apply.

1. Select and fit your latch or sashlock to the door first.

2. Insert the square operating spindle equally through latch/sashlock. If the spindle bar is slotted, ensure the slot faces downwards.

3. Slide the handle backing plate/spring cassette onto the bar and fix to your door with the screws provided. Use shorter screws if door is thin. Ensure horizontal alignment by temporarily placing the handle onto the bar to check. Repeat for other side of door.

4. Some handle fixing kits have small locators for the square bar - if these are present, remove them now.

5. Once aligned, slide the new handle onto the spindle, pushing firmly to ensure proper location. Fix the handle from below using the grub screw and hexagonal allen key provided. Repeat for other side of door.

6. Ensure smooth movement of the handles and adjust fixing position if required.

7. Carefully pass the rose covers over the handles and push on / screw on to backing plates. Note position of any locating lugs.

8. If fitting an escutcheon cover to the keyhole, align the backing plate with the slot in lock case or with the lock cylinder. Fix with screws provided but use shorter ones if the door is thin. It may help alignment if the key is placed in the lock during this task.

9. Push on / screw on the escutcheon cover, noting the position of any locating lugs.

10. Finally, polish the fittings with a dry cloth. NEVER use metal polish, abrasive cleaners or solvents.

11. It was easier than you thought!

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