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Just been to your local hardware or DIY store and come back disappointed by the meagre selection of hardware available? Did you end up buying hardware you didn't want - because that was all they had?

Many people in the UK, raised to fever pitch (well, perhaps warmed up a bit?) by the regular "interior makeover" programmes on TV, are left feeling the same.

"Where can I buy those cool chrome handles I saw on TV today?

"Where can I get some smart snazzy fittings to liven up our kitchen cupboards? "

"I'm sick of Victorian brassware - show me something MODERN!"

Any of these ring a bell with you? They certainly do with us! Frustrated by all the above (and more), Handles Direct Ltd has been created to fill this void.

Architects and Interior Designers have been able to specify sleek modern hardware items for years but Mr, Mrs or Ms Public have only the thin selection at their local hardware store to choose from. Now, using the enormous potential of the Internet, Handles Direct can now let anyone, anywhere in the country (even the World!) see and buy these same items the top Interior Designers specify for their best clients.

Expensive? Some are, but not all - our door handle prices start from just 15 per pair and cupboard knobs from as little as 2-3. No more than you pay for boring traditional brassware at your local DIY store. Now you really do have a choice!

Naturally, as a Web company, we are growing and developing all the time. The range of products we offer is constantly increasing - and we are going into new areas, too. We are planning to show soon a new selection of bathroom fittings from Colombo Design of Italy - and we'll be expanding this sector again further over the coming months.

Our name? It DOESN'T say it all - in fact, who chose this stupid name anyway? Anyone would think we ONLY sold handles - they couldn't be more wrong! Locks, latches, hinges, letterboxes, pushplates, fingerplates, bell pushes, switches, catches, bathroom bolts, padlocks, numerals, bell pushes, knobs, escutcheons, knockers, window fittings, window locks, door stops, pull handles, cupboard knobs, drawer handles, bathroom fittings, coathooks - the problem is showing them all!

For the moment we have decided to just show the most popular styles and products and bring the rest onto the site over time. Let us know what you think. Click here to send us an email response.

Finally, if we can't supply what you are looking for, we'll either try to find it for you, or point you to other possible sources of supply. We are not worried about losing your custom this time - if we helped you, you'll hopefully remember us the next time you are looking - and maybe you'll even mention us to others, too. We firmly believe in the power of the Happy Customer!

For full information on terms & conditions and contact details visit our 'Buying' page.

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